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This is a beta voicemail widget from MobaTalk. Leave up to a two-minute audio message and I'll moderate and post it. This widgit requires a download from Flash.

This audio widgit from Talkr allows people on websites to chat with each other. If you want to try widgit out on this site, let me know and I'll supply the password. This looks like a great way to record podcasts with people from different locations. This widget does require a download from Java.


This widget is called Message Box. Simply imput your message and press SEND. Press REFRESH every so often to see new messages.


This widget is called Virtual Earth. The navigator controls are easy to use and you can perform simple searches.



Sunday, May 6, 2007


Prototype Mash

This is just an experimental mashup using widgets and tools I'm finding. I'm not really worried about a tight format right now, but eventually I'm going to start building these up ed-tech stuff.


May 2007  

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